Procrastination nation

Okay, so I have thought about blogging and adding something to the narrative for almost a year now, and have up until this point done nothing at all. There is so much going on in the world and so much information and dis-information out there that it seems completely and totally overwhelming. In fact, I have felt pretty damned insignificant in the larger scheme of things. That is exactly why I have to start saying something. I feel like I cannot shut up and keep my thoughts bottled up when the world is moving so quickly around us- and sadly not in a positive direction for many.

So my intent with this blog and related video posts will be wide ranging and erratic, humorous and tragic, earth shattering and completely mundane. For far too long I have said and done nothing at all to stem the tide of general decline in the quality of life of your average person, and I would like to change that starting right now. I just heard an interesting thing about talking about your goals and how it psychologically gives you a dopamine rush when you talk about your future plans with others as if you had already done them in your head! Weird. So talking about what you want to do actually makes you think you already did it, and therefore more likely to procrastinate and put it off into the future. So basically, shut the hell up and do what you want to, and don’t talk about it!


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