Conquering the culture of fear

Be afraid. Be afraid of everything. Be afraid of terrorists, car accidents, inclement weather, disease, poverty: the list goes on and on. It seems like we are bombarded with messages of fear from the mainstream propaganda networks every second of every day. Has the world really become such a scary place in the last few years?

If we look at objective measures it would seem to paint a much different picture. The Violent Crime Rate has fallen 20% since 2004 according to FBI statistics, and according to the Global Terrorism Database if you are looking at overall attacks we have still never exceeded the number of attacks that happened in 1973. That is not to say that nothing violent or bad is happening, but the actual risk of say, being killed by a terrorist seems to be completely overblown. In fact you are actually more likely to be struck by lightning than to find yourself in a terrorist attack, and far more likely to die from heart disease. You are also nine times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist attack according to an article on (

So why all of the hype and fear mongering propaganda? Well to make you feel afraid of course. Fear is a great way to manipulate the populace. Fear sells insurance. Fear sells otherwise ridiculous military engagements. Fear makes you react in otherwise completely irrational ways and not question what you are being told, especially when you are presented with a boogeyman and then instantly presented with the solution to this fearsome creature- generally more invasive control and monitoring of the public. We seem to have lost the capacity as a culture for rational decision-making. I pose two primary solutions to this conundrum.

1. Stop watching T.V. Just stop it. It is almost all garbage that wastes your time and keeps you from doing otherwise productive things, and watching it helps support the mainstream propaganda networks.

2. Ask questions. Think critically, and most importantly, do some research to see if what you are being told is true or false.

Most of all, don’t give in to the culture of fear. If you stop listening to the news for even a couple of days I guarantee you will have a sense of peace and calmness enter your world that you have not felt before. Don’t let yourself be herded like cattle into the false solutions being presented by our corrupt leaders. Make your own news for a change, and make it happy.


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