A Declaration of Independence from Debt Slavery

Recognizing that Our Governments are Servile to the Banks and Corporations which Subdued and Control Them.

Never before in human history has so complete a tyranny ruled over the very soul of mankind. Through myriad deceits and misinformation, through paralyzing entertainments, through imposing institutions- the very heart of nations- the poor and middle classes, being lulled into a state of almost complete apathy, have been conquered and subdued from any sense of outrage or revolutionary ideas.

A tyranny of the mind, body, and spirit has gripped the nations so ferociously that one is tempted to despair. There are stirrings however, and the cries for liberty are once again resounding around the world. Two centuries ago began the bloody march towards freedom, throwing down the arbitrary authority of monarchs, now hindered for a time by various oligarchs, but not defeated. The people of the world are waking to the true face of the ruling class. We will not be ruled so poorly, exploited so completely, sentenced to lives of servitude through fictitious debts levied against us before our births.

We declare our right to self-determination, to a life free from onerous debts and taxes. No longer will we toil for the machine of state to rob our efforts and feed the greedy and gluttonous. We resign from this system not by force of arms, but by force of will, and declare our own sovereignty, and to respect the sovereignty of others. Through community we will turn poverty into riches, fallow land into abundance, ignorance into free and abounding intelligence. I declare a boycott on the state, and state sponsored entities. That we make our own way in life, independent from tyranny and arbitrary rule by declaring that we do not consent of this inept and corrupt facade as our duly elected government. We will achieve through non-violent non-participation what no violent revolution ever will: True autonomy of the spirit of mankind.

I call on all creeds, all classes, and races, and all religions to unite in condemning the global financial system, and in condemning the greed inherent in ourselves sufficient to keep it in power. Radical change is needed. Search your hearts and decide. Do you need to quit your job, sell your investments, change your lifestyle? Now is the time, before it’s too late, and before the false powers before us ignite a terrible and all-consuming war. Do not participate!

Our civil liberties are in tatters, our people fractured along every kind of sectarian line. The heavy hand of the state grows only bolder each time we shrink back to its injustices. It is time to reverse the path of dependence. Each new generation has less and less to lose by throwing off this imbecile government. We have no lands nor titles, no voice in our own government, and fewer opportunities by the day as the great financial parasite slowly bleeds this nation and all others to death. The drone of the machine has reached fever pitch. The tyranny and injustice can no longer be ignored. Have we been so enfeebled and enslaved that we cannot respond? At the very least we can move to hasten the descent of an already collapsing power structure.

All of this can be achieved through subtle and non-violent means. Let us not stoop to the level of our oppressors and react violently. The state has always had the monopoly on violence and must be exposed as the true and ultimate form of terrorism. Peaceful withdrawal and non-participation will surely draw out this beast. Paying off personal debts and refusing to accept further debts will more effectively cripple this corrupt system than any other aggressive political action. In this way we must bind together in local communities to help one another. The strategy of our rulers is to divide and conquer- to proliferate ignorance and misinformation. It is the greatest lie of all that an individual is powerless. In fact the complete opposite is the reality. Individuals hold the only real power in our unfettered and free thinking ability to mold our own destinies. We must enfranchise ourselves to lives of quiet yet determined action.

What we face is not an apocalypse, but a slow and steady slide into despotism. History is rife with the warning signs, and presently alarms are sounding around the globe which should be causing us to all take heed of the course that our nations are embarking upon. We are collectively marching down the wide path to ruin, whose signposts are economic disaster, emergency powers, and ultimately war.

With the steady erosion of individual rights and the creation of illusory threats at home and abroad, the current government has already targeted its own citizens as the greatest enemy. Do not give in to this fear mongering. If we do not change course one soul at a time, we will awake to a rogue nation of complete and arbitrary authority, where any hint of free thought or expression is labeled dangerous, the perpetrators of such free thought labeled “terrorists” and carted off to camps with no due process, no right to trial by peers, no limit on the amount of injustice “legally” allowed to be volleyed against them.

It is time for the people to wake from this great slumber. Wake up before it is too late. Encouraging signs abound, and there is no greater threat to the establishment and no greater hope for humanity than an alert and educated public, responding quickly to the lunacy of our so called leaders. Public opinion still holds sway for now, but there may come a day when even this weapon is silenced. On that day we must not wait; but each person needs to examine their position and make thoughtful, deliberate decisions about what kind of world they want to create for themselves and the people around them. We, the individual, hold this great and terrible responsibility.


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