I R rich, U can 2

Have you ever been approached by a friend or family member who wants to tell you about an exciting new opportunity? Perhaps they want you to come to a little get together where they can sell you jewelry/health products/makeup/sex-toys/travel packages/time-shares/insurance or any number of other things. Perhaps this meeting is less about selling to you directly but more about getting you to sign up “under” them, and they let you know that this exciting opportunity will not last forever and that those people that sign up for it now could get rich!

Not only that, but they have videos, magazines, and other media to show you how all of these other people are getting rich and living their dreams at the same time!! OH MAN ISN’T THAT AWESOME!!?? WHY AREN’T WE LIVING OUR DREAMS TOO!!??

*five minute long exhausted and continuous sigh*

*Another long sigh with some grumbling in the throat*

Okay. I get the appeal. I understand that some people want to be entrepreneurs and they get hooked into these various “business” ventures because they truly want to live the dream. I understand the desire to be independent.

However, all of these different schemes usually have one overarching thing in common. They need you to sign up more people underneath you in the scheme so that those farther up the pyramid get a slice of all of your frantic work. All of these schemes generally do make a small percentage of people wealthy. The thing that bothers me is that 99% of the people in these schemes are either breaking even or losing money for all of their effort. Only one out of hundred make money, and only one out of a thousand (or even less) can make a full time income off of these schemes.

Even if they offer products that you can stand behind, the way in which the sales pyramid works is inherently taking advantage of the all of the people at the bottom. I guess this should not be surprising because this is essentially the way they our entire western “economy” works.

I guess the reason for this rant is that I have witnessed personally some of the most lovely yet financially desperate people plunging into these schemes and then start mercilessly alienating all of their friends and family one by one in an attempt to “live the dream”. This makes me sad. It also annoys the living hell out of me.

All I can say is that if you are the victim of such sales pyramid schemes I am sorry. If you are being approached by well meaning but misguided hucksters have mercy on them. If you are approached by the conscienceless and overbearing salesman, please let them have in earful for me. A lot of people are hurting for cash out there, just trying to make ends meet, feed their kids, etc. But preying on people’s desperation is simply evil. The people at the top know what they are doing, the poor folks at the bottom need to abandon ship and start working on their own systems of self-reliance and meeting local needs.

More on this positive subject to come…


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