RE/think the Presidency

Over the past 30 years, the presidency has devolved into  nothing more than the position of a petty tyrant. A glorified monarch with the divine right “of the people” to carry out his (or her) dictatorial whims across the globe. The brunt of these powers is felt across oceans in the devastated countries where the U.S. has flexed its military muscle and left several nations in ruins. Consequently millions of people who don’t want to live in war zones have decided to flee into Europe and precipitated other issues. Cause and effect.

These powers are coming home to roost though, and it is high time that we started rethinking our ideas about what a president is for in the first place. After the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, there are some pretty scary powers available to whoever ends up in the white house. Please look it up.

Dictator powers to wage non-declared, never-ending wars across the globe and on American soil? Check.

Ability to assassinate American citizens with no charges, trial, or due process? Check.

Ability to lock-up American citizens for non-defined suspected threats with no charges and hold them FOREVER. Check.

This list goes on and on. Does anyone notice that the Presidency now holds arbitrary powers that are all in direct violation of the Bill of Rights? Does anyone care that these powers have not stopped terrorism or made us more safe and secure but have in fact destroyed nations and caused even more extremism and terrorism? Does anyone care that we have a tyrant with arbitrary authority to declare whatever insanity they wish in an “executive action” and order millions of bureaucrats to enforce it? The presidency has come to represent the epitome of lawlessness.

I find myself asking, why do we even have a president again? Was the original intent to have a “high priest of the American Empire”. I don’t think so. Frankly this whole circus side-show of an election makes me sick. These “choices” are so abysmal that I cannot in good conscience participate. If things go on as they seem, we may have a “choice” between a lying ego-maniacal psychopath, or a lying ego-maniacal psychopath. There is not one human being on this planet that I would willingly vest with the kind of powers that our Emperor-President now holds.

I suggest we ABOLISH THE PRESIDENCY. The only thing that the American Presidency now stands for is complete and arbitrary authority. It is the pinnacle of greed and corruption in honored form perched atop the carcass of the American Empire. The President is a puppet of moneyed interests taken on grotesque and comical proportions.

If I even deign to go to the polls this year, it will be to write in “NO CONFIDENCE”.


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