I have nothing to say

I have nothing to say, because there is nothing worth saying. Words are the construct of feeble minds that falsely believe they are the cleverest thing that ever existed in the observable universe. We will never move into a higher moral state functioning only on the level of language. That is why I have nothing to say. Get quiet. Get silent. Let the hell go. Breath deep and close your eyes for a few moments. Do it again. Wait several more moments. Do it again.

I have nothing to say. There is nothing worth saying. Silence speaks more loudly than all of our idle chattering. Silence beckons us to reach deep within and find that which we have collectively lost. Somewhere in there, there is an end. Somewhere in there, there is a beginning. Somewhere deep down in the silence, is the one voice that whispers sweetly to us, not in words, but in Truth. Not in ideas, but in Peace. Not in motions, but in Stillness. Somewhere inside each one of us, is the voice that will set us all free. Free from petty selfishness, free from the fear of not having enough, of not being enough. Free from the heavy burden of needing to change everything outside of us, when we need simply to change one simple thing within. There is a voice that is speaking, but never in words. And that is why I have nothing to say. Because there is truly nothing worth saying, if you do not know how to listen. And how can we listen, when we do not even know how to listen to our own soul?


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