The ANTI/Consumer

Do you ever wonder how you can really stick it to the man?

Ever feel dis-empowered, useless, even down right depressed about the state of humanity?

Do you want to send a message to gangster wall street bankers, capitol hill whore politicians, and psychopathic billionaires who think they own the planet? What if you could  get ripped, feel great, be more mentally focused, and have more peace of mind at the same time?

Sound too good to be true? It probably is. First you have to be dreaming. And to dream big you need to wake up from the matrix, deprogram, and start living a life that you actually want to live, and not be a prisoner in your own mind. Then, every little thing that you actually do for yourself (instead of following what you were programmed to do) will systematically destroy the control system. The ANTI/Consumer will give you the resources to set yourself free from all kinds of destructive life habits, and give you the peace of mind to know that every little thing you do that doesn’t feed the matrix, deprives it of its power over you. Go from being plugged in to being completely unplugged, and get the keys back to your own brain.

You might not even know that your brain has a giant slug on it, sucking away your life and energy. Lying to you to make you stay comfortable. That brain slug has a name. CONSUMERISM. Sometimes it sneaks back up on you when you thought you had gotten rid of it- and you need some help and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight.

Well, you have come to the right place. However, this is not easy. Real life changing will not be accomplished while looking at a glowing screen. You need to get out and DO the things that you are empowered to do, the very things that will destroy the status-quo and make you happier in the process. It is not glamorous or popular or showy. You will not be praised by your peers for deciding to live a life of conscience and passion. But each person who deprives the matrix of their time and energy is integral in bringing down the system of control that leaves so many of us feeling powerless, useless, and depressed. I am here to try to tell you that you have been lied to. You are not powerless and insignificant. Up is down. Black is white. A new car is not freedom, it is slavery. A new gadget won’t make you feel whole, and although it might connect you to a million people around the world, it disconnects you from your own family and friends who are sitting in the room with you. It is a lie. It keeps you from building the community that you really crave, and stops conversations that might have happened with people who are right in front of you. And you are paying monthly rent for the convenience of being distracted and mind-sucked for all your waking hours….

I come bearing real solutions. They are not flashy. They do not look threatening or important. They will however, destroy the too-big-to-fail banks, topple governments, and put entire industries into bankruptcy. Don’t laugh, because I am dead serious. Okay go ahead and laugh, but give me a chance to explain the beauty and cunning of this first weapon to destroy the oligarchs:

GARDENING. Boom. Take that Monsanto. Take that BigPharma. Take that Junkfood(cancer)inc. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Back yard gardens will be your nemesis. Older generations long ago knew this secret; and that secret is that food grows on trees. Really. It grows on trees and vines and on plants that spring up out of the ground. Sure it takes a little work and care to do it, but can you imagine how earth-shattering it will be once more people start catching on to the fact that food grows for FREE!! Every cucumber or tomato or bean that you grow and eat adds to your health and well being AND deprives multiple monopolies of revenue. Can you imagine how much money you will save and how much better health you will be in once you start eating home-grown goodness? Seriously- this is huge. Once you make the decision to do it. The trick is that you actually have to get up and do it. The resources are all here, waiting for you. I will post them. I started out sucking at gardening too, but each year you get experience and get a little better. You just have to start.

BANKING LOCAL. Snap. Take that JPMorgan Chase. Go to hell Goldman Sachs. Your days are numbered. Bring your money home to a local credit union, or even better take out cash and keep it under your mattress. It’s way safer there than on wall street. It’s just that easy. There will be multiple posts on how to do this effectively, but all it takes it making the choice, and then doing it. You really want to screw wall street over, and feel more peace of mind about where your money is? This is the biggest step you can take. (For those of us who have no money, or very little, this is still an important step, you have no idea how damaging it is to pull even a small deposit out of a bank, it all adds up, and there are billions of us- we can make a huge dent in a bank balance sheet trust me!)

Okay, those are just two easy ones. I have at least ten more. The ANTI/Consumer will continue posting ideas, how-to-guides, and encouraging information on the downfall of the matrix. Stay awake! Stay encouraged! Your every action counts!


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