Divide and Conquer: The Dead Elephant Rotting in the middle of American Politics

I do not listen to news broadcasts or really keep up to date on the latest frantic happenings on the internet. There is so much alarm, noise, and useless bickering that it is a disjointed narrative leading in circles. On the occasion that I overhear conversations on the street, I am always amazed at the extreme polarity of viewpoints and complete ignorance of anything remotely outside of people’s chosen “orthodox” viewpoint- be it conservative or liberal, pro or anti, National Public Radio or American Family Radio, etc.

I find it interesting that people are so whipped up into a fervor by news reports that are baseless and poorly articulated, that amount to name calling and shouting matches, with very little in the form of substantive arguments for or against anything material. I am speaking of reportage from all sides of the political spectrum- left, right, center, extremist- all of it. I have actually come to the conclusion that this seeming chaos and disunity could in fact be evidence of something else altogether. I am of the opinion that you can’t really trust anything that you hear on the news (alternative or otherwise) without first looking at where the information came from, how substantiated it is, and if there are corroborating reports form other sources that report similar news who don’t have a vested interested in the narrative being controlled for manipulating public opinion. I don’t know if that actually exists anymore in this day and age. Even some trusted alternative media sources may well turn out to be on the payroll of the large conglomerates if you do enough digging. I ask myself mainly: Who benefits?

Seriously- who gains from the media chaos and endless infighting between heated opinions? That’s when I remembered back to my political science studying days and something became infinitely clear to me. They are using Divide and Conquer.

Throughout history powerful empires and shadowy institutions have maintained power in a very simple manner. They foment already existing disagreements between two people groups who would otherwise have everything to gain by joining together. They keep the eyes of both groups on one another as a perceived enemy instead of the oligarchy that is controlling the show from behind the scenes. The groups are blinded to the possibility of mutually benefiting through cooperation.

So just when India was becoming independent of colonial rule in the mid 1900’s, the religious split between Hindus and Muslims was capitalized on by dark forces to help divide and conquer and create a regional enemy for India: Pakistan.

China and Taiwan.

North and South Korea.

There seems to be a historical pattern of creating instability in a region and backing two different sides to create conflict and infighting on purpose, and then to sweep in and take advantage of the power vacuum (not always successfully- in fact it seems to backfire more often then not such as the 1953 Iranian coup which led to a counter-coup and extreme hatred of the West which we are still embroiled in today).

Thinking of the big picture, I am wondering if what we are witnessing today is the same divide and conquer strategy being played out in U.S. domestic space. Online and over the airwaves it seems like an attempt to sew more division and strife. Race, religion, political ideology, economics, nationality, terrorism, taxes- all of these things are contentious issues and rightly so- but there seems to be an emphasis in the media to add fuel to the fire of hatred and intolerance on all sides, to draw lines in the sand everywhere, and cause a fractious and fearful political environment. This is exactly what a ruling oligarchy wants. They want you to be so afraid of your neighbor and paranoid about the latest boogeyman that you create your own mental prison. This shuts down communication and causes isolation and fear, which is even more self-reinforcing. It is very easy to sell otherwise insane ideas to a populous that is cowering in fear and especially easy to sew discord when they can actually get you to believe that your fellow citizens are intolerant and barbaric gun-toting apes who want to build concentration camps for immigrants (the evil right wingers) or degenerate confused perverts who want to push their communist agenda on the world (the evil left wingers).

I think that the reality is that perhaps a small fraction of the populous falls into these extremist camps, but if we had an open dialogue on how to solve problems on a local level, in our schools and our neighborhoods, you might be surprised just how much you have in common with your arch political enemies. We are all living and working, raising kids and trying our best to teach them to be good people, and we want them to have a future that is bright and happy.

I think the biggest issue that is really terrorizing our nation is a complete and utter lack of transparency on the financial side of our government. Our taxes disappear into a black hole and before you know it we are funding concentration camps and “moderate” terrorist groups in countries most American’s have never heard of. What if the government was actually made to keep an account of everything that it spends your money on? From the Federal down to the municipal level? What if you could pull up an app on your phone and see where your taxes are being spent? That would be a complete game changer. If that were possible I think that most of us would find that we are getting really upset about the WRONG issues. We are being collectively distracted by the side-show. But hey, keep looking over here and getting angry about your neighbors silly opinions that you don’t agree with. Never mind that trillions of dollars vanish from the government books each and every year, and that it is enough money to repave every road and rebuild every bridge in the country. Never mind that more money went to bail out bankrupt gamblers in 2008-09 than it would have taken to pay off every mortgage, student loan, and credit card in the country several times over. Never mind that complicated and boring accounting stuff… Nothing to see here. Move along.

While we are busy being angry and distracted, our nation is being looted inside and out by bankers, bureaucrats, and special interests.




http://rense.com/general70/trill.htm (this article is actually 10+ years old… the fraud continues)

Each and every year, more money, in ever larger (mind boggling) amounts, keeps disappearingĀ from government offices and is not being properly accounted for. You or I would be in jail if we tried to hide this level of malfeasance from the IRS, so why do our elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats seem to get a free pass? Where is the public outrage? Where is the hard-hitting news coverage letting the public know about the extent of the abuse of power? Where indeed… But remember to get really mad at those communist liberals trying to push their agenda, and don’t forget to get really mad at those nutty right wingers who are trying to push their agenda on everyone too.

I’m just quietly mentioning that perhaps we need to collectively reevaluate our priorities as citizens of the United States of America- stop fighting each other on issues that no one is going to give an inch on, and start going after the RAMPANT criminality that has infested every branch and party of our nation. We need to ask ourselves: Who benefits?


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