The Manifesto of a Parent

I give up. I concede. My entire life at this point revolves around my children. They are pretty great, but they also give me the feeling that I am zoo keeper taking care of the monkey exhibit- only I have to live in the exhibit with the monkeys.

I had great plans about writing these ramblings about political, philosophical, or spiritual things… no more. This is my life right now and it’s pretty great. Nothing will test your peace and patience more than having small children. Nothing else will bring out the worst in you- children hold up a mirror to your soul and show you all of your own hypocrisy and inconsistency. They also bring out the best in you when you can learn from them. Too much of the time I have put off my children because I was too busy doing “important” things. Or I spend far too much time complaining that I wish I had a break from these monkeys. Well somewhere along the line I pulled my head out of my rear-end and realized that I am never going to get this time back again. That my children are going to be all grown up sooner than I can imagine, and I don’t want to waste any more time wishing for something else. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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