The Search for Limitless Energy

So we built a Farnsworth Fusor in my Electronics class. It is a rudimentary inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) fusion vacuum tube. I modeled it off of a makezine article:

They are surprisingly simple by design, and we decided to up the voltage to 17.5 kilo-Volts from the recommended 12 kV in the article just for fun. I really wanted to create a rift in space time and/or solve all of the world’s energy problems overnight, but no such luck. It does look really cool though.

Unfortunately I think the electric vortex in the chamber is not a result of the space time continuum being bent out of place but rather caused by some leaks in the vacuum chamber… epic bummer.

I think our next project will be making a voltage multiplier circuit to push our power supply up to 50 kV and then hook it up to some ionic lifters and some big capacitors and see if we get the “anomalous force effects” that I have been reading about in various research papers lately… a.k.a. Anti-Gravity!! We’ll see how that goes.






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