Asgard Brewing Company at Puckett’s Grocery

I just keep finding more local gems here in middle Tennessee! On our monthly trip in to Columbia to pick up some renovation materials, the family and I decided to stop in for lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants: Puckett’s Grocery.

They always have a good selection of local Tennessee micro-brews on tap at Puckett’s, and to add to my good luck they also had Asgard Brewing Company’s Voyager Pale Wheat Ale!

The pulled pork BBQ at Puckett’s is pretty much my standby and was amazing as usual.



Here is my beer review on youtube… Bear with me on the editing quality of this latest video, it’s my first time using openshot video editor and I haven’t got the transitions down quite right yet, but I expect with some practice things will look snappier in the future.

One other quick note, I didn’t even know that Voyager was a Wheat Pale Ale when I first tasted it, and that was where the “roundness” was coming from. Overall an awesome session beer, great introduction into hops for those who may not love them. But after drinking this beer a few times you might be tempted to the bitter side and start enjoying IPA’s and eventually the imperial sort… it’s a slippery slope.

links to two great places that you need to visit in Columbia, Tennessee:


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